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Santiago Muñez is a fictional character in the Goal! series of films. He is the main character in Goal! and Goal! 2: Living the Dream..., and he is a supporting character in Goal! 3. He is a fictional footballer who winds up playing for Real Madrid, after beginning his career at Newcastle United. Muñez is portrayed by actor Kuno Becker.

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Muñez grew up as a football high fan living in poverty in Mexico. His family escaped to Los Angeles in United States as illegal immigrants. As Santiago became older, he became a busboy at a Chinese restaurant, while also working part-time with his father in a gardening business. He lived with his father, a younger brother, and his grandmother — his mother left shortly after his younger brother was born. Glen Foy (

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), a former Scottish footballer and scout, spotted Santiago playing for an amateur club in Los Angeles, before offering him a tryout for Newcastle United. Despite his talent and Foy's praises, Santiago's father did not approve of accepting the offer, claiming that the family business is more important than sports. He later stole Santiago's hidden money to buy a used pickup truck, to begin his own gardening business. Without the money to travel, he nearly lost all hope of traveling to England for the tryout; however, his grandmother, with her own secret money, purchased Santiago a plane ticket to Newcastle, which he reluctantly accepted.

Newcastle United Edit

Santiago arrived in Newcastle and was introduced to the manager of Newcastle United, Erik Dornhelm (

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). When he went for his trial, he couldn't cope with the physicality of Newcastle's reserve players and the poor weather conditions, causing an unimpressive performance. Glen Foy pleaded for Santiago to be given a month to prove his worth, which was granted Santiago was given a month's trial. Fortunately, he impressed and was placed on the Newcastle United reserve team. Santiago met Roz Harmison (Template:WikipediaAnna Friel), a nurse, during his medical upon arrival to the club. Whilst sorting through medical forms, he did not inform Roz of his asthma. Prior to his debut in the Newcastle reserves, Santiago's inhaler was stepped on and crushed by a fellow Newcastle player. Without his inhaler, he struggled through the match due to lack of oxygen. With the poor performance in the match and in training, Santiago was sacked by the club and intended to return to Los Angeles. The following day, Gavin Harris (

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), a fellow Newcastle player, was late for practice due to his car being vandalised by the wheels being removed. Harris calling for a taxi, and later shared it with Santiago, who had been planning to head to the airport. After informing him of the situation, Harris spoke to Dornhelm and asked that Santiago was given another chance, while also informing Dornhelm of Santiago's asthma. After being given a second chance with Newcastle, Santiago was placed back into the reserves lineup. In the following game, he scored his first goal for the club, which, along with training, prompted Dornhelm to place him on the bench for the first team's next match. Santiago made his debut in a Premier League game versus Fulham, coming on as a substitute and becoming Newcastle's youngest ever player (according to Martin Tyler). After some time in the game, Santiago was tackled in the penalty area, giving Newcastle a penalty kick, which Harris converted. In the following game against Liverpool at St James' Park, he assisted in a goal, while scoring from a direct free kick shortly before the end of the game. His late goal gave Newcastle a 3–2 win, which pushed the club to fourth place in the standings and earned Newcastle a place in the Champions League for the following season. After an impressive couple of seasons at Newcastle Santiago attracted interest from Spanish giants Real Madrid, After intense negotiations between Newcastle and Real Madrid a fee was agreed with Michael Owen moving to Newcastle as part of the deal.

Mexico Edit

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Santiago was named in the Mexico team for the 2006 FIFA World Cup, but after being involved in a car accident during a pre-tournament trip to Romania, he suffers serious injuries and is unable to play. He does, however, still go to the World Cup to cheer on team-mates, and good friends, Charlie Braithwaite and Liam Adams, who are chosen in the England squad.

He was a very good player and this shows you can always reach your goal if you try hard

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